More dangers of cosmetics

One must not put on makeup or cosmetics while we are doing other things like driving, two is that we take good care in the storage of our cosmetic and do not use cosmetics that we can clearly say that it has become bad and three is that you should never share cosmetics with others and be careful when dealing with samples in department store cosmetics.

With this article, I have the intention to continue where I left off and continue talking about the dangers of cosmetics. Do you know that cosmetics can cause skin problems? Fragrances and preservatives are the main ingredients in cosmetics and that these substances can cause skin problems. Fragrances are the most common cause of skin problems and more than five thousand different kinds of fragrances are commonly used for cosmetic products. If you are buying cosmetics, make sure you are looking for cosmetic products labeled "unscented" or "without perfume". This means that no fragrances have been added to the aesthetic to make it smell good.

Now suppose that is the agent that causes most of the second number of skin problems. Well, preservatives. Preservatives are added to cosmetics to prevent bacteria and fungus from growing on the product. These preservatives aim of prolonging the life of cosmetics and prevent breakdown too quickly. In addition, condoms protect cosmetic damage caused by constant exposure to air or light. Although the use of condoms may be essential for cosmetics, the use of some preservatives can cause irritation and infection of the skin. Some examples of preservatives include paraben, imidazolidinyl urea, Quaternium-15, DMDM ​​hydantoin, phenoxyethanol and formaldehyde.

With this type of cosmetic products on the market, it's best to be careful when buying cosmetics. What I recommend is that you check out natural cosmetics. Natural is the thing these days. When I speak of natural cosmetics, organic cosmetics'm talking about or mineral makeup that is derived from natural sources and chemicals. These days, many cosmetic companies claim their products are natural and contain no synthetic chemicals or cosmetics tested on animals ever. Cosmetics are very highly recommended for people with allergies or multiple chemical sensitivities. If your dermatologist advises that you can not apply any makeup, there seems no other option for you at this time. Why not try natural cosmetics? I'm sure this would be one of the safest ways to have a pretty face, but not taking any chances.